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Teddies for Loving Care – Freya’s Story

Freya with Bear

It is always reassuring to receive feedback from parents about the positive impact of the TLC Scheme and the benefits that it brings to the children who receive bears. I was therefore delighted to hear from a lady named Jess who wanted to let me know about the deep bond that had developed between her daughter, Freya, and the bear she received when she attended Musgrove Park Hospital. Jess was so concerned about the potential effect that losing “Bear” would have on Freya that she approached me and asked if she could buy another just in case “Bear” got lost.

Freya was born during the Coronavirus lock down and developed a chest infection at 9 months old.
Her symptoms were very serious and one night, she woke up coughing and struggling to breathe.

Jess said “I had never heard a noise like it and could tell she was just as panicked as I was. Given her age, I decided to take her to A&E as I know how quickly infants can deteriorate with their breathing. We waited in A&E overnight with regular observations. After the staff shift change, a Healthcare assistant came in to do more observations and brought Freya a cuddly bear. I can remember being grateful for the distraction at the time and also remembering that I had been gifted a bear from my dad as a 7 year old when I was admitted for emergency surgery (which I still have!). Fortunately, Freya was fine and we were allowed out within 24 hours. She recovered well but has had many chest infections since! 

Bear became one of her first words, she sleeps with her every night and has even been taken around Disneyland Paris! If we try to take a picture of Freya, she will always present “Bear” as her photo companion. Freya is now nearly 2 years old and shows no sign of leaving “Bear” behind and I believe she will be a huge part of Freya’s life over the coming years. Thank you for all that you have done at TLC.”

It is rare to receive testimonials from parents so I am grateful to Jess for letting us share her story and have been pleased to send her a spare bear just in case!

Roger Penny
TLC Co-Ordinator

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