SMCA Yatton Ride 17 July 2021

Dear Brethern and Friends,
Welcome to another cycling blog from the saddle of Bro. Mike Norton (Secretary of the SMCA)

There was no doubt that the June SMCA Club ride was a warm one.  In fact, the weather on Saturday was absoutley blazing hot when nine riders from the SMCA were tempted out of the shade by a route expertley prepared by our Chair, Stephen Collings. 
We started out a little later than planned due to the holiday traffic on the M5 delaying two of our riders. However, we used the time to take in plenty of water as we were going to need it. 
After the obligatory group photo in the splendid grounds of the Masonic Temple at Yatton, we set of along the High Street heading for Rickford and crossed the  A38. 
The first stop was at the beautiful former private Chapel of Sir John Willis which was of course also used for a number of years by the Forest of Mendip Lodge 8019. It was a stunning sight to behold and a welcome break to take on some more water  Steve reminanced about many a splendid evening in the Temple.
Next was the largest hill climb of the day for most of us up to Blagdon.  It was a tough climb, and I arrived at Blandon ‘parched’ and drained my bottle of water.  We carried on through Compton Martin and carried along on the B3114 to Chew Valley lake. We stopped for a photo by the lake, and I made the executive descision to buy an ice lolly to cool down, we then headed off to the Cafe at the lake where for much needed refreshments.
After the break, we headed into Chew Stoke and up Pagans hill into Winsford Village. It was quite an uphill climb and fuelled by cake I led the Masonic Peloton, got carried away, and missed the left turn at the Waterloo pub.
I should have gone turned off and cycled along Felton Lane, but I carried on to the junction of the A38 and waited there. After about 5 minutes, I realised I had gone wrong and thought I better double back and find the others. Unfortunatly for me, I had no signal on my phone to call Steve. I got back to the pub, and although tempted to turn into the pub for a pint, I ascended Red Hill instead of riding along Felton Lane!  ( that was stupid of me next time I will print the directions!) Anyway, all roads lead to Rome don’t they!  I knew where I had to go once I got to the Airport Tavern and ended back on the correct route which included a super down hill section through the very picuresque Brockley Combe. 
Once on the  A370 I followed it to the Yatton turn off and got back just after the others!  We were then treated to a superb BBQ by Steve and I had a tour af the fabulous Temple at Yatton.

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