Ray Guthrie

Great weather for gardening, our garden has never looked as good at this time of year. There is a new border that I planted with shrubs and bulbs last October. The white flower on the fence is clematis ‘Avalanche” not quite as good as Andy Wade’s neighbour but it is its first year!
Lots of flowers on the strawberries, I would imagine our new APGM, Richard Winter is picking his now! The winter garlic is coming on and the autumn sown broad beans are look good. How long can I leave them before pinching out?
The Provincial Greenhouse is put to good use, lots of young plants and last years overwintered geraniums.
Finally the Gordano Camellia, kindly given to me by the brethren of Gordano Lodge some years ago when I officiated at their Installation, this photo was taken two weeks ago when it was still in full bloom.
All other photos taken on St George’s Day. Happy Gardening Brethren!

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