The principles of the Order

A Society based upon the principles of self-sacrifice, of mutual trust, watchful brotherly care, of compulsory warning in time of danger, official comfort in time of sorrow and skilful and effective though unpretentious advice in every circumstance in life. A Society that meets a great and crying need in human affairs and is calculated to benefit those who act up to its Principles.

This is the Order of the Secret Monitor. If a Brother be in sorrow the Conclave will afford him sympathy; if in danger his Brethren will give him assistance; if in distress the Visiting Deacons will bring him consolation; if in poverty he will find aid. At every turn of life, In every crisis of fate, a Brother may look to those in the Conclave and he will not look in vain, to the experienced among his Brethren who have pledged themselves to give him caution, to prompt him to good actions, to warn him of doubtful ones and generally to watch over him, support him and appreciate him, so long as he may need their care and prove himself worthy of the confidence placed in him. Tried they have been in times of peril and true they have been in times of difficulty.

As a  result OSM is not for everyone. Do you have these qualities?

for more information Email 📧 Wy Brother R.J McHardy.

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