Somerset 1st Principals Chapter 3746

Meets at – The Masonic Hall, King Square, Bridgwater TA6 3DH at 18:00 on the fourth Thursday in
June and 11:00 on the first Wednesday in September.

Consecrated 17th April 1978Meets at The Masonic Hall, Kings Square, Bridgwater. As its name implies this is a Chapter which draws its membership from the First Principals and Past Principals within the Holy Royal Arch Province of Somerset and from the beginning it was intended to be a research Chapter and not a discussion forum In 1978E Comp S.E.P. Eydmann presented a paper to the Somerset Master’s Lodge No. 3746 which gave an interesting insight into the preparations for the Consecration of the Somerset First Principals Chapter.

It was, at the wish of the newly appointed Grand Superintendent, M E Comp Sir Lionel Brett, that the Provinces’ Chapters gave serious consideration to forming this Chapter and the Second Provincial Principal, E Comp R.M. Ainsworth, undertook the task of carrying out the preliminary discussions. The initial reactions were positive enough to warrant further action.

That first regular convocation was held on Friday the 16th June 1978 at the Masonic Hall, Bridgwater, at which the Grand Superintendent, M E Comp. Sir Lionel Brett, presented the Chapter with its Charter. A set of Bye Laws which had been circulated to all members of the Chapter was then submitted for consideration and approved. These Bye Laws restrict the new Chapter to two meetings a year to be held at Bridgewater on the 3rd Friday in June and the 1st Wednesday in September, and membership was restricted to First Principals and Past First Principals.

On Wednesday 4th September 2013 E Comp R E Biggs Deputy Grand Superintendent dedicated the New Chapter Honours Board at Bridgwater Masonic Hall. The Honours Board is unique in Somerset due to the fact that it is of a marbled effect with the lettering being Red. Thursday 22nd June 2017 was again a memorable convocation in the Chapter’s history, when the Grand Superintendent, M E Comp D. John Bennett and the Provincial Team attended the convocation at Taunton Masonic Hall to dedicate a new Chapter Banner and 12 Tribal Ensigns

Somerset First Principal’s Chapter No 3746
Honour Board

The Chapter continues to flourish with a membership of one hundred and fifty nine Excellent Companions and provides a wonderful vehicle for the presentations of Royal Arch Papers. The Chapter has only two Convocations the Installation being held at Bridgwater in early September and this usually marks the start of the new Royal Arch season and is always a well-attended event. The June Convocation is held at a Masonic hall within Somerset of the 1st Principals choice and this has resulted in very interesting visits around the Province.

To find out more about the Somerset 1st Principals Chapter email 📧 Scribe -E- James Nicol

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