Dungarvan Chapter 973

Meets at – The Masonic Hall, North Parade, Frome BA11 1AU at 18:30 on the last Thursday.
Months – January, March, September and November.

Consecrated 25th May 1893 Meets at the Masonic Hall, Frome.

Dungarvan Chapter was consecrated on the 25th May 1893 and has met without interruption since that date at the Masonic Hall in Frome. Freemasonry arrived in Frome with the consecration of Royal Somerset Lodge in 1863 and it was Companions, who were members of this Lodge that petitioned Supreme Grand Chapter to found a Royal Arch Chapter. Permission was granted and they were issued with a Charter to form the Dungarvan Chapter.

The new Chapter was named after Charles Spencer Canning, Viscount Dungarvan and afterwards 10th Earl of Cork and Orrery. He was Grand Superintendent from 1902 to 1908. He was installed as its First Principal having been 1st Principal of The Chapter of Sincerity in Taunton in 1895. Viscount Dungarvan was held in high esteem by the Freemasons of Frome having provided his assistance and influence in Building Frome Masonic Hall which he consecrated 13th October 1891.

Viscount Dungarvan

Dungarvan Chapter is unique in that it is the only Chapter in Somerset where the Principals still wear Crowns although they are worn only during the Opening and Closing of the Chapter.

To find out more about Dungarvan Chapter email 📧 Scribe-E David John Lyons

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