Masons help “Somewhere to Go” Charity

There is a Registered Charity not far from Weston-super-Mare Masonic Hall called “Somewhere to Go”. It supplies a warm, safe refuge during the day for homeless, vulnerable and disadvantage people 365 days of the year. This includes food (free breakfast and dinner for only £2), showers, clothing etc. There are medical staff on the premises (Monday to Friday) and representatives from advice agencies such as CAB, guidance on benefits, drug/alcohol misuse etc. call regularly. There is also a facility to sleep up to 16 people in emergencies.

The centre not only provides a place for people who are struggling to go as once initial needs are addressed, ongoing help and support is given to improve their circumstances working closely with Weston College the Salvation Army and other agencies.

Some time ago Somewhere to Go acquired additional premises on the ground floor of the building with the intention of creating a better facility, particularly the kitchen.  Early in the pandemic Sir Isaac Newton Lodge had initiated a successful drive to raise a substantial sum of money for them, targeted at £1000.00. Weston Lodges added £2500 and Somerset Masonic Committee £1000. This, in turn, was match funded by the Masonic Charities Foundation of UGLE.  The total of £8600 was a substantial contribution from Masonry for which they are most grateful.  They now have a new kitchen and day centre as well as a new charity shop and will soon open a Community Hub”

Keith Baker the Chair of Weston Masonic Hall said “Until I visited this centre, I was unaware just how many people there are living on the streets in Weston. The Centre costs thousands of pounds each year to run but does some fantastic worthwhile work so I urge you to consider making a donation if at all possible.”

The address is 6A Boulevard, Weston-super-Mare BS23 1NA. To donate the this very worthy cause email

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