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Kindred spirits

A fantastic evening attended by several members of Elizabethan Lodge during a fraternal visit to fellow, Bath-based, St Alphege Lodge – one of the first outings of the new year, and much enjoyed by all present.

Bro Scott (pictured on the left, forming a striking resemblance to ZZ Top, with fellow beard-enthusiast and St Alphege’s own WBro Jeff) was one of the Elizabethan team of visitors on the night treated to a 3rd Degree Ceremony, performed expertly to the very high-standard of ritual that anyone who has visited St Alphege knows is their trademark.

As a Fellowcraft who has not yet undergone the Third Degree, Bro Scott had to leave the lodge room “for a short while” as the ceremony was performed, although this should be the last time he has to do so, as his own ‘Raising’ will be performed at Elizabethan Lodge’s next meeting on Tuesday 7th February, when the Somerset Provincial team will be attending to perform the ceremony on what promises to be a special occasion for all involved.

Not to let him feel in any way left out, Bro Scott was called upon to deliver his first-ever ‘response on behalf of the visitors’ at the Festive Board that followed, despite having witnessed only a small portion of the evening’s events. The resultant effort – funny, enthusiastic, heartfelt, and above all else, well-received – was a testament to everything that’s good about Freemasonry and the joys of visiting other lodges. As he alluded to in his speech – they hope to visit St Alphege again sometime soon!

Anyone visiting Elizabethan Lodge are also assured of a warm welcome and a fun evening.

For details follow: https://bathfreemasons.org.uk/elizabethan/

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