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Wessex Lodge, Father of the Lodge takes the Chair.

Centre Worshipful Master W Bro Lyn Wheadon, Right of WM W Bro Ray Conneely PrJGW. Left of WM IPM W Bro Dave Reed

W Bro Dave Reed is the second longest serving member of Wessex Lodge 4093. Having been initiated in March 1981, Dave went on to take the chair in 1990 and returned to the chair in 2019. 

Dave was seconded by W Bro Lyn Wheadon who, initiated in December 1987 is the father of the lodge. Lyn first took the chair in 1987 and was due to return in 2020 ready for Wessex’s centenary year. Due to Covid, Dave remained in the chair for a further 2 years until he was finally able to install Lyn as his successor on April 2022.The Province were represented at the Installation by W Bro Ray Conneely PrJGW’

This is we believe the first time that the father of the lodge has also been the Master of the lodge in the 100 years of Wessex history.

Congratulations to Dave on completing 3 years in the chair. 

The Brethren wish Lyn the very best for his second time as WM of Wessex Lodge. 

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