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Have Talk will travel – Ray Beckingham visits Wiltshire

Back in 2023 Ray was invited to attend the Wiltshire first Principals Chapter to give a talk. He was scheduled to attend their meeting at Calne, but due to a change in dates was unable to attend and so attended the next meeting, which took place on Friday 14th June, at Salisbury Masonic Hall.

Ray decided to take the train. Having set off he received a text to say his return journey was not stopping at Bristol, and so he wouldn’t be able to transfer to Weston. A little later another text said that the return train had been cancelled, and that he should take an earlier one instead. On arriving at the station the earlier train was running an hour late, which meant he missed the last train to Weston, but, luckily his son was able to collect him and he eventually arrived home the next day at around 12:45.

Most people would be a little grumpy, but not Ray, he was still smiling as only he can 😊

Notwithstanding the travel arrangements, Ray sais that he thoroughly enjoyed the visit and was highly honoured to have be asked to visit another Province to give a talk 🙂

The photograph shows Ray, the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent and the three Principals of the Wiltshire first Principals Chapter.

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