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Provincial Grand Master (PGM) Visits Chard

At the Prudence and Industry Lodge in Chard, RWBro Ray Guthrie made the presentation of a 60 year Certificate to WBro Gerald Bray. Gerald was initiated in the Guild of Holy Trinity Lodge 6125 in Cambridgeshire on 2nd November 1963.

As a Civil Engineer Gerald worked all over the world; notably in Transvaal, South Africa where he joined the Clarendon Lodge 7041. He was Master in 1980/81. He has served as Chaplain, Organist and Treasurer at various times and he retired back to England in 1999 and in 2000 he met RWBro Stanley Hopkins at Chard Rotary Club and hence became a joining member at Prudence and Industry Lodge.

Having mentioned RWBro Stanley, he was also due to receive his Certificate for 60 years, but was too unwell to attend the Lodge, so RWBro Ray visited Stanley at his home at Combe St Nicholas, on his way to Chard,  where the presentation was made and Stanley’s wife Sylvia served up tea and cakes. A very poignant visit.

Gerald Bray receives his 60 year Certificate from the PGM Ray Guthrie

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