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Benevolent Lodge welcome Pilgrims..

At their recent meeting Benevolent Lodge welcomed the Master and 9 Brethren of Pilgrims Lodge, on the occasion of their fraternal visit.

However the night was interesting due to sickness and the unavailability of several candidates and members, so the 3rd, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd, 2nd ceremony took place, after the reserve, reserve, reserves, were taken off the bench. The Passing ceremony was ably done in the end by the Past Masters of Benevolent Lodge, despite only have 2 days notice to the change in ceremony. They did a fine job, under the watchful eye of the guest of Honour “Guy Golding” !?

The visitors were then treated to a rendition of the victors song by the members of Benevolent Lodge to round off a superb evening.

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