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The Somerset Sceptre Starts its Journey

Eldon Chapter (No. 1755), September’s meeting was honoured by the presence of The Deputy Grand Super Intendent, Ex Comp. Neil Hurcum, who delighted in presenting Eldon Chapter with the Somerset Sceptre on the start of its journey across the Province. Ex Comp. Neil Hurcum Presented the Septer to the MEZ, Ex Comp. Richard Burniston to use during our meetings until Eldon Chapter is charged to pass it on to the Principals of the Wrington Vale Chapter No. (1199) on the 9th of October 2023, accompanied by as many companions as possible with the aim that on that evening, we will be happily renewing old companionships and fostering new ones.

The Somerset Sceptre was donated to the Province at the Provincial Convocation in May 2023 by E Companion Frank Silver. It replaces the original Sceptre that was a smaller version. E Comp Frank made this Sceptre in the form of a First Principals, which is to be used by the First Principal of the Chapter whilst it is held by them until it is passed to the next Chapter.

Following the presentation of the Somerset Sceptre, the meeting continued with the Exaltation of, Bro. Mathew Nicholls, a Master Mason of The Lodge of Agriculture (No. 1199)

The Exaltation was performed very well by all who participated. The PS’s Ritual was split between all three Soj’s, which made it very interesting for both those involved and those who witnessed the Ceremony. It was good to see our PS, Comp. Keith Baker return to Chapter following his illness earlier this year. And perform his ritual to such a high standard.

We then retired to an excellent Festive Board where the Deputy Grand Superintendent presented our new Exalted Companion with a Companions Guide.

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