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Hero saves Elderly Neighbour from Fire

Bob King who is a member of Exmoor Lodge in Minehead, recently conducted an amazing act of Bravery, after going into his 93 year old Neighbours burning house and rescued him.

Bob receiving oxygen after the rescue.

Ninety Three year old Bob Bisgood, collapsed on his kitchen floor in Blue Anchor, as smoke and fire spread throughout the kitchen. The Alarm was sounded by his neighbour Sally, after smelling smoke, called out to her husband Bob, a Freemason in MInehead, who grabbed a fire extinguisher, ran into the house, beating the flames back to rescue Mr Bisgood.

The damage to the kitchen of Mr Bisgood.

They were both taken to Musgrove hospital for smoke inhalation, but are both well and on the road to recovery. Well done Bob, from all of us at the Province of Somerset!

For the full article in the West Somerset Free Press click here

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