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Light Blue sets the pace at Lodge of Science

Bro Dave Collins Receiving his Grand Lodge Certificate

The December Business meeting at the Lodge of Science is normally a slightly functional affair seeing propositions, the presenting of accounts, the election of our Master Elect, Treasurer, auditors and committee members for the ensuing year.  

All really important and vital stuff but perhaps not what gets our masonic juices flowing on a cold December evening.  It was wonderful therefore to see Bro David Collins receiving his Grand Lodge Certificate from W Bro Tony Wilcox in the most excellent manner as was commented by the visitors in the temple and at the festive board.

Bro Dave has been an excellent asset to the Lodge since his initiation back March in 2020, and although due to covid, he was not raised until September 2022, he has been a very active member of our Lodge.  

Dave quickly established himself as a vital member of out team taking on the role as barman and then chief steward in short order and involving himself in every aspect of Lodge business.  Nothing has been to much trouble for Dave, he has seen with fresh eyes things that needed addressing and has had the initiative to raise them to the committee and in some instances offer potential solutions.  

Dave’s enthusiasm, drive and commitment is an inspiration to our members and demonstrates that even the newest members can have the biggest impact.

Well done Dave, onwards and upwards!

Don Cochrane

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