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Rural Philanthropic Lodge No 291 initiate a Digital Marketing Campaign Candidate – Bro Beavis

Bro Warren with Nick Reed and Wynne Jones the Lodge Mentor

The Brethren of 291, admirably led by their Worshipful Master Nick Reed, performed what was a close to flawless initiation ceremony, for their new member Bro Warren Beavis, with many of the major pieces of ritual being undertaken by Entered Apprentices, Fellow Crafts and Master Masons. 291 are to be thoroughly congratulated for such high standards of ritual. As Bro Warren was introduced to 291 by the Digital Marketing campaign, Rob Hughes and Neil McGrath (from the apparently world famous Portcullis Lodge) attended in their roles as Provincial membership officers.

Rural Philanthropic Lodge also welcomed the Brethren of Birnbeck Lodge, on the occasion of their Fraternal Visit, which came about after 291 took the Travelling Trowel to Birnbeck earlier in the year, and had such a great time invited them to visit. The The Birnbeck Worshipful Master, is of course the current Provincial Senior Grand Warden, Keith Baker, who was his usual warm and friendly self. Keith apologised for reduced numbers, this being due to several members contracting the dreaded Covid; although all are OK.

Rural Philanthropic Lodge was also pleased to receive numerous other visitors, including 6 active Provincial Officers, as well as the Provincial Senior Grand Warden (PSGW) we had Andy Wade the Provincial Junior Grand Warden (PJGW), making a total of over 51 Brethren in attendance.

Birnbeck and Rural Philanthropic Lodges (like many of the Somerset Lodges) follow the lead of the Provincial Team when they carry out Fraternal visits, in that the visitors pay for their own meals, unless they are a guest of a lodge member, although visiting Masters in Office have their meal paid for. 291 feels that this makes fraternal visits fairer, and it helps the smaller Lodges, who would struggle to pay for meals for many visitors.

As The Birnbeck Brothers said the trip from Weston to Burnham didn’t take too long, we are all definitely looking forward to the return visit, on what we are sure will become a regular occasion!

Members of Birnbeck Lodge with our WM and his Wardens (Sandy Glenn not a member of Birnbeck but wanted to come anyway, and Andy Wade PJGW)
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