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King Alfred’s WM Welcomes W Bro Martin

Wm Phil Lewis welcomes Assistant PGM W Bro Martin C Slocombe

King Alfred’s Virtual Meeting

King Alfred lodge held their second Virtual business meeting to help keep members in contact with each other. As we have all been in lockdown for some time there were some jovial comments before the meeting started re the lack of haircuts or alternatively the use of Kiwi cherry polish. Without being able to hold any ceremonies the lodge took the opportunity to invite the Assistant Provincial Grand Master W Bro Martin C Slocombe to address the meeting.

Martin, after being welcomed by the Master W Bro Phil Lewis, opened by outlining some of the recent activities in the Province and congratulated the many lodges who had responded positively by contributing to worthy causes. Such as a donation of £12,000 made to the British Legion for the purchase of a Gazebo, and £8,600 to “Somewhere to go” in Weston super Mare for new kitchens. Many events have been cancelled, especially the 2020 festival celebration at Ashton gate, this having been postponed to a Party in The Park in July. If this must be cancelled, he wondered what post COVID 19 celebration may be possible. Despite all that has happened, he did consider the Province was still in good heart. As to where we go in 2021, the Province are waiting for the Government, then Grand Lodge to outline what will be possible and when.

Martin had also been asked to outline the “New Membership Officer Role”, which he started by saying the position has been there for 5 to 6 years, but responses from lodges had varied considerably. The main difference now is that it will have a collar and Jewell from April. This recognises the importance that this role has in the recruiting and maintaining of new brethren, and the need to work closely with the Lodge Mentor. Martin did quote “As with any journey we need to look at our destination” and plan the pathway.

The Worshipful Master also took the opportunity to recognise those brethren in the lodge that have reached that grand total of 50 Years in Masonry. John Elmont was the first, recognised at the last meeting, now John Cole achieved his 50 years on 16th January 2021 and then David Parrott who celebrated his on 14th February, the very date of this meeting. Two more Brethren are to follow with Tom Gould and Dave Redman. It is hoped that when meetings commence all five can be celebrated together and that the Provincial Grand Master may be able to attend. The WM did propose a toast and that wine to be taken with these brethren, which everyone readily obliged. The meeting closed with members pleased to have had the opportunity to meet via Zoom, but looking forward to when we can enjoy each other’s company at a ceremony and festive board.

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