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A Journey of Discovery

Martin Cox, the Regional Secretary of Quatuor Coronati Correspondence Circle for the UK, Ireland and the British Isles, recently journeyed to the District Grand Lodge of Gibraltar to visit the Royal Lodge of Friendship

This visit was significant as, when The Lodge Quatuor Coronati was established in 1884, three of their members were founders.

Impressively, the Lodge had four Victoria Cross recipients, two of which were involved in the Zulu wars in South Africa.

A famous name associated with the lodge was Sir Charles Warren who was Commissioner of Police in London during the Jack the Ripper period.

The Raising Ceremony witnessed was for a young candidate, who works for the British Government and is of Gibraltarian birth.

Although only a short visit, it is hoped to return in the future and also to arrange for their members to travel to Bath and join Martin at The Royal Cumberland Lodge: both lodges having long illustrious histories.

Footnote: any Freemason wishing to visit a Lodge overseas must first notify his Lodge Secretary.

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