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Ex Formula 1 engineer receives his 50 Year award

Richard winter was only to pleased to be able to present David Spicer on the 30th August, with his 50 year long service award at his home in Somerset. Dave should have received it some while ago but due to Covid and ill health was delayed. Dave actually remarked that he could write a travel guide to all the residential and nursing homes of Somerset!

David Spicer and Richard Winter

Dave followed in the footsteps of his Father in Law and Brother in Law when he joined the West Drayton Gatehouse Lodge, meeting in Staines Middlesex in 1970. He then went on to take the chair of that Lodge in 1990, later attaining the rank Provincial rank os Senior Deacon. Dave moved to Somerset and became a member of Admiral Blake Lodge in 2000.

One of the beauties of Freemasonry is that you do not always know who you are dining with, and likewise the history of your members. Dave was a Technical Project Manager that took him all over the World; but it doesn’t tell you that he was once a Formula 1 trackside engineer for the Brabhams, later Walker racing teams. He was also a champion and world record holder in model power boat racing.

Dave was a gifted engineer, when a clock broke, he took a technical college course in clock making at Guildford, ignorer to repair that Clock. This culminated in him being accepted into the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers, becoming one of the Country’s leading clock makers, being appointed a Liveryman of London and more recently a Freeman of The City of London.

His wife of 46 years, Barbara passed away during Covid, since when Dave has supported the refurbishment of the Minehead RNLI shop and is sponsoring a lifeboat in her name.

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