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The Royal Marines Come to the Rescue at Portcullis

The Brethren who attended The World Famous Hanging Chapel witnessed a fantastic ceremony on Thursday 13th February when Portcullis raised Bro Martin Walsh on behalf of the Somerset Military Lodge (SML) No. 10021. All those attending agreed that it was a truly a magnificent night to remember. Portcullis Lodge had planned to raise our own Royal Naval Officer but his duties prevented him from attending, so SML very kindly stepped in with Bro Martin, a serving Royal Marine Commando. Martin faultlessly answered his proofs of proficiency and it was also noted that his salutes were carried out in pristine military fashion, in fact they were so good he has been invited to our own Lodge of Instruction!

A goodly number of SML where there to support him, amongst them were the APGM and WM of SML Tony Guthrie, Mike Parnell JW, Scott Gibbons (Secretary), Ron Blake , Steve McNaughton & Mike Johnson who are members of both lodges, and Chris Waterhouse who presented (in fine style) the Working Tools.

This was the Portcullis Lodge WM Denis Paull’s, second time as WM and the first time in over 31 years that he carried out a Third Degree ceremony. Denis, took time to thank Martin for his service to us, and to the country, and both were visibly moved by this sentiment.

The ceremony was, according to the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Tony Guthrie “superb” and he thanked the WM and brethren of Portcullis for supporting Martin and the Somerset Military Lodge.

From the big grin on Martin’s face, he clearly enjoyed the unique experience of being passed to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason, in the World Famous Hanging Chapel!

Submitted by Bro Mike Norton

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