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Somerset Farmers, A “Wee Dram”….

At the recent meeting of Somerset Farmers Lodge a ‘wee dram of whiskey” (well 4.5 litres) was won by Langport local, Colin Thorpe, which came in useful to celebrate Burns Night. The Whiskey Raffle fun by SFL over several months was presented to Colin by Richard Winter, at the meeting to commemorate the life of the Lodges Master David Burke, who sadly passed to the away during his term in office last year.

David farmed at Ilchester and was well know everywhere, he was a Grand officer and Past Provincial Director of Ceremonies.

The raffle is part of the drive to raise funds for Cancer Research UK, which was Davids nominated charity, the amount raised so far is in excess of £850, and the ongoing efforts by SFL hope to raise it to £1,500. Somerset Farmers regularly donate to many local causes as do all the Masonic Lodges.

Richard Winter seen above presenting the bottle of Whiskey said, “the ethos within Modern Freemasonry, is respect, friendship and integrity, also wherever possible to support worthy causes in our own communities, as well as national and international charities. These are difficult times, and for charities such as Cancer Research, funding is vital to enable them to continue with their work and. It is our aim as Freemasons to continue to provide support and encouragement whenever we can”

Founded in 1985 the Somerset Farmers Lodge meets six times a year in the Historic Hanging Chapel at Langport, for more information please contact Alan Holton

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