Lodges meeting in Wells

Benevolent Lodge meets at The Wells & Mendip Museum, 8 Cathedral Green, Wells BA5 2EU
MH is situated in the Wells and Mendip Museum. Access is via a gated path through an archway to the left of the Museum. Go to the end of the path and turn into the building through a door on your right. It is all clearly labelled on the evening.
Restricted parking (incl. disabled) in St. Andrews Street (adjacent, but North side of Cathedral).
PCP’s in Market Place, Union Street. Do not use Whiting Way PCP as it is locked overnight.

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Benevolent Lodge No 446

Meets at 18:15 except Mar on the first Thur.
Months – Jan, Feb, Mar (17:00), Apr, May, Jun, Oct, Nov and Dec

In 1837 the Swan Lodge of Benevolence was consecrated, meeting first at the Swan Hotel and later at the Town Hall in Wells. The name was changed to Benevolent Lodge in 1841 and in 1892 it moved into premises rented from the Cathedral, first the Vicars Hall until 1917, then 10 Cathedral Green, where it remained for eighty years until 1997, when it moved to its new Lodge room above the West Cloister. In February 2016 the lodge moved to its current home in Wells Museum which has proved to be a far more convenient and agreeable location than the room above the Cloisters.

Contact the Lodge Secretary: Chris Shrapnel

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The Lodge meets in the large meeting room at the back of the Wells and Mendip Museum, 8 Cathedral Green, Wells BA5 2UE and can be accessed by taking the wrought iron gated archway at the left of the main museum building, walking up the path and entering the building through the last door on the right. There is limited parking (including disabled) in the road outside the Museum. Also PCP’s in the Market Place and Union Street. Do not use Whiting Way PCP as it is locked at 10pm.

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