Lodges meeting in Keynsham

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Nine Lodges meet at the Masonic Hall, Bath Road, Keynsham, Bristol BS31 1SR. A purpose built facility, constructed by the local Lodges of the time in 1939. The Hall boasts one of the largest Lodge Rooms in the Province which was extensively refurbished five years ago. Keynsham is also home to 3 “Bristol Working Lodges” as well as six Emulation Lodges.
The Lodge Room has a set of ten magnificent three dimensional plasterwork friezes which surround the Lodge room depicting the tradition history communicated in the third degree. These have recently been restored to their former glory and in their own right make a visit to the Masonic Hall at Keynsham well worthwhile.

Keynsham Masonic Hall is available to hire for private functions both to Freemasons and the general public, prices are now online along with meal options, table options and buffet options. Please visit: KMH website for full details

Vale of Brislington Lodge No 1296

Meets at 18:30 except May on the fourth Friday
Months – Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May (Installation 18:00), Jun, Jul, Sep, Oct and Nov

Contact the Lodge Secretary: Roger Evans

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St Keyna Lodge No 1833

Meets at 18.30 except January; on the second Monday.
Months – Jan (Installation 17:30), Feb, Mar, May, Jun, Oct, and Nov

Contact the Lodge Secretary: Nick Wright

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St Keyna Lodge is named after a fabled Welsh Princess who cleared Keynsham of snakes. We are proud of our strong local connection and in the keeping alive of this local folk tale. Formed in 1879 we are a ‘Centenary’ lodge and we are looking forward to celebrating 150 years in 2029. We are a small but friendly lodge and welcome all, with open arms and open hearts.

Our membership whilst modest is dedicated and diverse. We have engineers, tradesmen, shop and business owners, retired bankers and retailers, old sailors and railwaymen. We welcome and encourage diversity in the widest sense.

Meeting on the second Monday of most months we work diligently in our formal business upstairs in our lodge room. Afterwards, when we sit to dine down-stairs, we like to relax and work at the enjoyment of our after meetings, at being congenial hosts to our guests, and with our aim at the end of the night to head home with a smile on our faces, a contentment in our bellies and an excitement looking forward to our next masonic event. If our values appeal, we’d really look forward to hearing from you. A phone call or email could change your life for the betterment of yourself and those around you. St Keyna Lodge awaits….

Lodge Website: https://stkeynalodge.org/

Abbey Lodge No 4491

Meets at 18:30 except where shown on the first Friday.
Months – Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Oct (Installation 17:30), Nov and Dec

Contact the Lodge Secretary: Nigel Western

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Lodge Uno Corde No 5736

Meets at 10:30 on the Fourth Saturday in Sep (Installation 10.00) and the First Saturday in Mar, Jun and Nov

The Lodge was consecrated on June 24th 1938 at Freemasons Hall, Great Queen Street, London. The Lodge prospered until the late 90s and in 2001 it was decided to move the Lodge to Keynsham where there were a number of Brethren who were keen to start a Saturday daytime Lodge. Lodge Uno Corde was officially welcomed into Somerset on March 1st 2003

Contact the Lodge Secretary: John Kidd

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Priory Lodge No 6913

Meets at 18:45 except December on the second Friday
Months – Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Oct and Dec (Installation 18:00)

Consecrated in 1949, Priory Lodge was almost named Buckingham Lodge and was originally to have been a “Bristol Working” Lodge, however the Provincial Grand Master at the time decided that there would be no more Bristol Working Lodges in the Province, so the Founders adopted the Emulation Ritual which they still work today

Contact the Lodge Secretary: Richard Dredge

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Whitchurch Lodge No 6942

Meets at 18:30 on the fourth Tuesday.
Months – Feb, Mar (Installation), Apr, Oct and Nov at such hour as the Master shall direct

Whitchurch Lodge was consecrated on 13th March, 1950 at Frome Masonic Hal. Lodge Meetings were originally held at the Zion Congregational Church School Rooms in Whitchurch from which the Lodge takes its name. Initially, all prospective Candidates had to reside within the Boundaries of the Village but this Rule was rescinded in 1954. The Lodge moved to its present location at Keynsham in September 1952. The Lodge Banner depicts the 12th Century Norman Church of St Nicholas which is situated in the centre of the Old Whitchurch Village.

Contact the Lodge Secretary: Ian Davis

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Saltford Lodge No 8633

Meets at 18:30 on the first Monday except in May on the first Tuesday.
Months – Feb, Mar, Apr (Installation 18.00), May, Oct, Nov and Dec

Contact the Lodge Secretary: John Butler

Go to Saltford Lodge website.

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Gerard Lodge No 8999

Meets at 14:30 on the second Saturday in February, April, June (Installation), September and December.

The Lodge takes its name from the Blessed Gerard, Founder of the first Hospice of St. John in Jerusalem from which the Hospitaller Order of St John began. The Lodge banner incorporates the eight pointed cross of Amalfi, a pilgrim’s stave and a motto, “Summo Ducente Deo” which means “Under the Guidance or Leadership of God”. Warranted in 1981 the Lodge’s first Initiate happened to be the Past Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro CA Stuart Hadler.

Contact the Lodge Secretary: Robert Griffiths

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Cornucopia Lodge No 9043

Meets at 18:30 except September on the second Tuesday
Months – Mar, Jun, Sep (18:00) and Dec

Various brethren who were engaged in the distribution of fruit and vegetables within Bristol and North Somerset and who wanted to extend their Masonic fellowship founded the Lodge of Cornucopia. Preliminary arrangements were started in 1981 and on Tuesday September 14th 1982, Cornucopia was consecrated as a Lodge. The motto on the banner reads motto “Uberimma Fides” and roughly translates as “Our word is our bond”

Contact the Lodge Secretary: Steve Lawrence

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Columbanus Lodge No 9941

Meets at 15:30 on the third Saturday in January, May (Installation), Jun, July & September. (usually at 15.30 but peripatetic in June, July & September under dispensation).

Columbanus Lodge is a Masonic lodge in the South West of England for Freemasons with a passion for motorcycles. St Columbanus is the patron saint of motorcyclists; hence the name. W Bro Roger Penny was the ‘primus’ (first) Worshipful Master when the lodge was formed in May 2017.

Contact the Lodge Secretary: Jeff Penfold
Go to the Columbanus Lodge Website

  • Disabled Access: 2 Disabled Parking spaces, ramped front access to automatic door. Wheelchair/person lift to temple. Everything else level
  • Bath Road A4 from Bristol. Continue along Keynsham by-pass to R/Abt at the Saltford end of by- pass. Take B3116 towards Keynsham, MH 50yds on right hand side. (70 cars)
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