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Everyday’s a day to advance knowledge

At Loyal Vacation Lodge every day is a learning day. At their January meeting they decided to have a CPR/Defibrillator training evening, given by the Wilveliscombe first responder group, of which 2 of the lodge members are community first responders in the area.

It was very well received by members and visitors and their enthusiasm to take part and have ago was was very encouraging, as well as being very amusing with so many practising their chest compressions to the tune of staying alive, even Jeff “The Legend” Jones DC of loyal Vacation got hands on.

Top marks to Steve and Russell the Lodge members and first responders, for getting involved in their community and helping to provide a life saving service for its inhabitants. The session was concluded by a sobering admission by W.Bro Anthony James that when he was having his heart attack, he felt enormous relief when one of the community first responders turned up. The first responder group also are engaged in the area giving CPR training to local schools and local groups such as Cubs, Scouts and Guides. Good job lads!

Duncan Sully-Dunbar area mentor SW

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