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2020 Festival News

Tynte Lodge receive their fifth Ashlar

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On 21st April, Tynte Lodge, 7994, received their 5th Ashlar from W. Bro Ben Batley PJGD, Assistant Provincial Grand Master.
A small Lodge of 38 member has raised £26,606 with four years still remaining to the Festival.

The picture shows L to R W.Bro. Ben Batley APGM, W. Bro. Terry Joyce Worshipful Master and W.Bro. Dai Wood Lodge Charity Steward

Wraxall Lodge receive their second Ashlar

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The Provincial Grand Master and members of the new Provincial Team attended Wraxall Lodge for a fraternal visit on 1st April. The PGM presented the Lodge Charity Steward, W.Bro Bernie Sims with the Lodge's second Ashlar award in recognition of the contribution made by the Lodge to the 2020 festival in support of the Freemasons Grand Charity.

Iain Disdel

Sir Thomas de Ceddre Lodge receive their second Ashlar

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At the March meeting of Sir Thomas de Cheddre Lodge No.9188 a cheque for £2000 was presented to W. Bro. David Maddern, Provincial Grand Charity Steward, for the 2020 Festival appeal. In return W. Bro. Maddern presented the Lodge with its second Ashler.

W. Bro. Maddern is seen presenting the Ashler to W. Bro. David Harris, the Lodge Charity Steward, and W. Bro. Geoff Adams the Master of the Lodge.

Ted Toon
Lodge Secretary

Tivoli Lodge recieve their first Ashlar

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On Saturday 12th December 2015, RW Bro Stuart Hadler PGM, presented the first ashlar to Tivoli Lodge during the meeting in Weston-super-Mare. The WM, W Bro David Pettitt and W Bro Trevor Barnett, Charity Steward, received the Ashlar, from the PGM, on behalf of the Lodge.

King Alfred Lodge Presented with First Ashlar

On Friday November 20th, VW Bro. John Winston DPGM presented the first ashlar to King Alfred Lodge during their meeting in Weston-super-Mare. Charity Steward Phil Lewis PrGStwd accepted the ashlar on behalf of the lodge.

This achievement marks a perfect start to a year in the chair for the the newly installed (October 2015) Worshipful Master, Terry Porter (seen in photo to right watching over the presentation)

(Photographs courtesy of Patrick Norman Morrisey)
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Celebrating the “Million” Milestone

On the 25th September the Keynsham Masonic Hall hosted an evening to celebrate the raising of over £1m towards the Somerset 2020 Festival target of £2.8m for The Freemasons' Grand Charity with still over 6 years to go.The 2020 Festival Chairman WBro David Medlock introduced the event and gave his thanks to all for attending. The Provincial Grand Charity Steward WBro David Maddern presented various statistics showing the success of the Grand Charity and the great work which has been done to help achieve so much for local charities.
The evening was attended by the Charity Stewards, Worshipful Masters and Secretaries of the local Lodges together with their partners, the Provincial Grand Master Stuart Hadler and Laura Chapman the CEO of the Grand Charity, who both also added their thanks to the brethren for their kind and generous donations.

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Perpetual Friendship Lodge to donate £22,500 to Festival

The 250th Anniversary meeting of Perpetual Friendship Lodge No.135 in Bridgwater, witnessed Matthew Redman the Charity Steward presenting a donation of £22,500 to the 2020 Festival, thereby qualifying the Lodge for 3 Ashlars. This was the first time 3 Ashlars had been awarded at the same time.
The Lodge meeting held on Monday 8th December marked the 250th Anniversary of the Lodge and was attended by the full Provincial Team to mark this special milestone, during which the 3 Ashlars were be presented by the Provincial Grand Master.
The Lodge Secretary Des Hoskins stated . “I must pay tribute to Matt Redman. He has recently taken over as Charity Steward after about four stagnant years where we were good at giving money away but not at collecting it. I know Matt has a good record at Rotary & although he only became a Mason in 2012, he has already proved himself”
All had a most enjoyable meeting.

If you have any news or events then please let us know at the email below so that we can inform everyone of what's going on and if you can include photos then that would be even better!