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Lodge News Items from 2014

News from Lodges December 2014

Corinthian Pillar bang the drum for Yeovil’s Fiveways Day Centre!

During his year as Master of Corinthian Pillar Lodge in Yeovil, John Warnes and his wife Anne wanted to raise money for the Fiveways Day Centre. The centre provides support for disabled and able adults who have learning difficulties. John and Anne’s thirty five year old son Iain attends the centre on a regular basis.
The centre had been looking for some time to provide musical instruments for the clients and wanted something that nearly all the centre users would be happy with. The dejemba drum was suggested by one of the members of staff at the centre. Ashley (that’s him in the purple tee shirt on the left of the photo) had used the drums when he worked at another centre where they had been well received by the users.
With the help of the members of Corinthian Pillar Lodge and their families John and Anne were able to raise £2500 through a BBQ, a Christmas Bingo night, a lodge first for Yeovil! And a very well attended Ladies Night.
This enabled the presentation of the splendid set of drums shown in the photo to take place earlier this year. Since then the group have been practicing and have subsequently given enthusiastic performances for parents and carers at a coffee mornings and at Christmas.

John is in the middle of the photo (proudly wearing his Somerset Tie) together with his wife Anne seated on his left and son Iain on his right. Looks like everyone is having a good time!
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PS from the editor - If like me you had never heard of Dejembe Drums here is an explanation courtesy of Wikipedia,
A djembe (/ˈdʒɛm.bɛ/ jem-be) is a rope-tuned skin-covered goblet drum usually played with bare hands, originally from West Africa.

Queen's College Lodge Receive Travelling Trowel and Raise almost £2000 for Charity

The morning meeting of Queen’s College Lodge no 6988 held on December 13th was a very memorable one as not only did the lodge receive a Provincial Fraternal Visit with the PGM Rt W Bro Stuart Hadler, the APGM W Bro John Winston and seven Active Provincial Officers attending but they also welcomed a team of five from St Dunstan’s Lodge 7973 including their Senior Warden W Bro Kevin Moynihan to present a Travelling Trowel. After the “labour” of the evening was concluded the “refreshment” comprised firstly a champagne reception followed by 97 sitting down to dine – a record for 6988. Di, wife of WM Richard Teague replied to the ‘Toast to the Ladies’ and the WM thanked Lin Winston for her help. The third phase of the evening then got under way with raffle and auction conducted by W Bro Geoff Dolling in his inimitable style! £1,982 was raised at the meeting for local charity ‘Go Commando’, including the help of £650 ‘Match Funding’ from Province. The Lunch concluded with the singing of carols with Bro Barry Renwick at the piano.

The lodge are looking forward to their next meeting (installation) on 21st March and also their next morning meeting on May 9th, their 65th anniversary, when the Provincial Team return to do a ’Raising’.

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Forest of Mendip "Dive In" to Help the Scouts

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The Worshipful Master of the Forest of Mendip Lodge W.Bro Ian Angell attended Cleeve,Claverham and Yatton Beaver Scout Group, he was accompanied by W Bro Ray Beckingham to present a cheque for £140 to help towards the updating of the scout hut, whilst there Ian gave a short talk on Scuba diving.

Ian is an instructor and and adviser to the Scouting association on Scuba Diving and Swimming.

The Cheque was received by one of the Assistant leaders David Weatherill, who is also Asst D C in the Forest of Mendip.
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Double Presentation for Royal Cumberland Lodge

At the regular meeting of Royal Cumberland Lodge on 4th December 2014, Brother Jeremy Rudock was raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason. The ceremony was conducted according to ancient Royal Cumberland working in an excellent manner by the Master, W.Bro David Yeo and his officers.
Following the ceremony the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, V.W.Bro Ray Guthrie presented W.Bro Bernard Cox with a certificate celebrating his 50 years in Freemasonry. Bernard spent his working life at Stothert and Pitt in Bath and has lived in Keynsham for over sixty years. He will celebrate his 90th birthday on Boxing Day! He has always been very active as a Mason, a founder member of Somerset Stewards Lodge, he was appointed the Lodge Almoner by the first Master, Gilbert Parrott, a post he went on to hold for over twenty years. He has been Almoner, DC and ADC of Royal Cumberland and was Deputy Provincial DC in the Province, a record to be proud of!
The Deputy PGM then went on to present the Lodge Charity Steward, W.Bro Martin Cox (yes son of Bernard!) with the Lodge's second ashlar award in recognition of the contribution made by the Lodge to the 2020 festival in support of the Freemasons Grand Charity.
Stacks Image 14893
W.Bro Bernard Cox with his certificate, his son W.Bro Martin Cox, Lodge Charity Steward. David Yeo, Master of Royal Cumberland and the DPGM, Ray Guthrie.
Stacks Image 14891
In the photo above W.Bro Bernard Cox together with W.Bro Donald Pearce who between them have more than 100 years membership of Royal Cumberland Lodge. Bernard was initiated in January 1965 and Donald in January 1961. Although living in Worcester and despite being 85 years young Donald still travels to most Royal Cumberland meetings.

Photos by Paul Mallon.

News from Lodges November 2014

Somerset Farmers donate £5,400 between the Addington, Alzheimers and Parkinsons UK charities

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The Somerset Farmers Lodge recently presented cheques to The Addington Fund; The Alzheimers Society and Parkinsons UK.

The Addington Fund, which was originally set up by the Church of England in 2001 to assist farmers who had suffered a loss of livelihood from the foot-and-mouth outbreak of that year, recently assisted farmers who had been disadvantaged by the floods in the Somerset levels. Ninety-five per cent of the lodge members are farmers or have farming connections, with the rest working in associated industries and were very pleased to support this and set about raising £2000, which they did using table draws, BBQ's and other lodge social events. The Province of Somerset already had a fund to help people generally on the levels and this fund matched the Farmers Lodge donation and so a cheque for £4000 was presented.

Donations for the Alzheimers Society and Parkinsons UK had also previously been raised by similar methods and each of these organisations were presented with a cheque for £700.

The above photograph shows the presentation to the Addington Fund.
L to R : John Winston , Assistant Provincial Grand Master & Chair of Provincial Flood Relief Fund; Ian Bell , Addington Fund; Norman Crang, Worshipful Master Somerset Farmers Lodge; Nick Male, lodge Charity Steward

Report by David Burke - Lodge Information Officer
Alzheimers Society L to R : Nick Male, Charity Steward; Philip Waterman, Past Master; Chris Cox , Alzheimers Society;
Norman Crang, Master.
Parkinsons UK L to R : Philip Waterman, Past Master; Alan Gould and Mrs. Gould, Parkinsons UK; Nick Male, Charity Steward

News from Lodges October 2014

Loyal Vacation Lodge - Receive Somerset Travelling Trowel

Anthony James, W.M. of Loyal Vacation lodge had a most interesting start to his first meeting in charge! Not only did the agenda include receiving the Somerset Travelling Trowel, but also a delegation from Province who gave an informative talk about its plans for lodge development and future.

The W.M. then received the Somerset Travelling Trowel from Royal Clarence Lodge who had travelled all the way from their home base in Bruton, one of the oldest Lodge buildings in the Province. The travelling party consisted of the W.M. Secretary and 4 other brethren from Royal Clarence lodge, who delivered the Trowel with the reverence and due ceremony and in the spirit of fraternal friendship. They were warmly welcomed into the Lodge and apologies were made for the delay in their admission.
All turned out well and the Royal Clarence contingent joined the festive board where they enjoyed good company and shared a delightful meal.
The members of Royal Clarence were invited to a return to Loyal Vacation and it was hoped that a fraternal visit to Royal Clarence Lodge could be organised during W.Bro's. Anthony’s Mastership as it is the wish of the lodge to further cement the fraternal bonds.

Elizabethan Lodge - Installation meeting

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Provincial Junior Grand Warden - Steve Williams with the new Master - Michael Mallon and Installing Master, Paul Mallon

Elizabethan Lodge No 7296 celebrated a special evening at the Bath Masonic Hall on Tuesday 7th october when W Bro Paul Mallon PPrJGD installed his older brother, now W Bro Michael Mallon into the chair of King Solomon. This was especially poignant as Paul Initiated Michael at his last meeting the last time he was Worshipful Master of Elizabethan Lodge back in March of 2007. “Always try to finish on a high” said Paul, in bringing his second term in charge to a close.

"We have had a fantastic Diamond Jubilee year, we only meet five times a season but during my 2nd year as master we have enjoyed a full provincial team visit, a Burns supper night with piper and haggis, A comedy night with a visit from top comedian Miki Travis past master of Chelsea Lodge, 3 new initiates and even a letter of congratulations from her Majesty the Queen.
The evening was enjoyed by many visitors from various lodges including a trio of Active Provincial Officers, W Bro Steve Williams the PrJGW, W Bro Martin Yates the PrSGD and W Bro Colin Martin PrAGDC.

When asked what’s next, Paul explained how although we are fiercely protective of our traditions, Elizabethan Lodge are also quite progressive and always try to have something new happening to encourage enjoyment in Masonry, hopefully making it fun helps to keep the interest of existing Brethren as well as attracting new members.
For example: Our December meeting will probably be over subscribed as we are having a white table evening with a music & magic after dinner cabaret for members, wives, partners, friends, visitors and potential new members. We also have a "fish n chip supper” in the pipeline, another of our hugely succesful Taste of Freemasonry Events, as well as a table booked at “Grumpy old" Rick Wakeman’s Ladies Festival for a bit of R n R.
Visitors are always made most welcome at our meetings and festive boards, so if you would like to enjoy one of our ceremonies in our wonderful temple, Bath's original Theatre Royal dating back to the 1700’s, and experience our hospitality please contact us to book your place at our festive board. or follow us on twitter @BathFreemason
Paul Mallon

News from Lodges September 2014

Forest of Mendip - Installation meeting

Stacks Image 12317
The Forest of Mendip Lodge, enjoyed another happy Installation on Friday 26th September. The Lodge was honoured by the presence of W.Bro John Winston Provincial Assistant Grand Master.
The Installation ceremony was carried out by W.Bro Robert Mole on behalf of the W.M. ,W.Bro Paul Weller.

W. Bro Ian Angell occupies the Masters Chair for lodges 50th year. He has already arranged a Christmas Lunch which is to be held on 14th December at Blagdon Village Club, a Ladies night at Taunton & Pickering Golf Club on 23rd May 2015 and a Garden party at his home on 11th July 2015.

The lodge has two new candidates awaiting Initiation and a joining member, so enjoys the luxury of a full calendar.

The above photo shows:- centre-Ian Angell, W.M. Right Ian Drewitt, S.W., and Left-Shaun Hobbs, J.W.
Pictured in the background are John Winston and the lodge IPM Paul Weller.
Bro. Bryn Bowles singing the Masters song for the first time. Having not done this before, the lodge musical director Adrian Moore fixed it so that he could hear the music through headphones; it was indeed different.
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Freemason's at Clevedon Tides Festival

The Clevedon Tides Festival is a free public festival to celebrate, and to raise money for, Clevedon’s marvellous marine lake and sea front. It has extended the original MARLENS festival to now include music, art and literature and It attracts great support from Clevedon and surrounding towns. For more information, please visit their web site at
Andy Wade from Tennyson Lodge No 4947, organized a Freemasonry stand at this years Clevedon Tides Festival on the 20th and 21st September to promote freemasonry in the community.
Stacks Image 6292
Stacks Image 6299
Stacks Image 6301
Andy reports on their weekend.

“We had ample opportunity to speak to people about Freemasonry, dispelling myths about our so called “secret” society, explaining what happened during the war, and how we are in fact quite the opposite, being very open indeed. We also spoke of friendships we have made, how we strive to grow as men, and how we raise money internally for both Masonic and non-Masonic charities. We handed out between 50 to 70 “What's it all about” leaflets.

The most common reaction was surprise that we were out in public speaking openly about our organization, and we must have had at least some impact as we have since heard of conversations in local pubs where people recalled they had seen our stand. One lady representing a local mental health charity said she thought it was about time that we were more public, as a lodge in Clevedon had donated a very welcome £500 to her charity just last year.

It’s no surprise that we also met many practicing and non-practicing Masons from this province, from Devon, Gloucestershire, Bristol and more, all of who were happy to say hello and confirm their support.

The stand itself was very well supported by the Clevedon Masonic Centre, who donated to the MARLENS charity, and by the following sore footed brethren from Lodges meeting in Clevedon. Alan Doyle, Andrew Farmer, Andy Wade, Darrell Genge, Dave Bussell, Derek Reed, Nick Delaney, Pete Murray, Roger Poynton, Tim Gosling, Tim Reynolds

There was also time to think about what we might improve upon, and these include advertising and organizing an open day to take place ~2 weeks after the festival, attending the Clevedon flower show as well as the Clevedon tides festival next year, and also making some alterations to the stand to make it look even better.”


Somerset Freemason was King of Scotland

Stacks Image 6261
Barrie Palmer PPrGReg is a past master of both St Bernard Lodge Minehead in 1992 and Emergency Services Lodge in 2011.
He is pictured here as Duncan, King of Scotland in Macbeth performed by his theatre Company, GBTheatre Co. They toured the UK during the summer months performing Macbeth and The Comedy of Errors, this being their fifth season.
His Patron is the lovely Felicity Kendal CBE who he worked with in a play last year called Chin Chin. Please look at his website

He is the Founder of the Registered Charity SURE, The Somerset Unit for Radiotherapy Equipment, which has raised over £2 Million for the Beacon Centre at Musgrove Park Hospital Taunton which was responsible for providing for the people of Somerset, having campaigned for such a cancer centre from 1997, it was finally opened in 2009. As someone said when the idea was first muted 'I really hope this centre happens and please God that I never have to use it' So say all of us!
Thousands of pounds for the equipment provided, has been donated by the generosity of Somerset Freemasons and their families and has made the Beacon Centre a National Centre of Excellence.
So a huge thank you from Barrie and his committee.

A busy summer for Queens College Lodge Taunton

Stacks Image 6161
At his Installation earlier in the year the new Worshipful Master of Queen’s College Lodge, WBro Richard Teague, PPrAGDC, asked for all alms raised that evening be donated to Somerset & Dorset Air Ambulance. The presentation, delayed until the Summer, took place on the front steps of Queen’s.
The photo shows Richard presenting a cheque to Debbie Birtwhistle the Air Ambulance Fundraising Co-ordinator, with WBros Jim Wiltshire, PPrAGDC, Charity Steward and Geoff Dolling, PAGDC, looking on”.
“Queen’s Lodge Secretary, WBro David Sargison spent several years working in Lisbon, Portugal, joining Lancaster Lodge 9413, Cascais. Over the years he has arranged three fraternal visits when Queen’s members have been warmly received and royally entertained.
This Summer, WBro Larry Riches, an old friend of Queen’s lodge, a past master of Lancaster Lodge living in Cascais and a member of Witham Lodge 297, Lincoln, decided to travel in his 100 year old Model T Ford with two other brethren the 2,000Km from Lisbon to Lincoln with a view of raising £10,000 for Prostate Cancer. (For more details see P7 of Autumn 2014 edition Freemasonry Today).

Click on image to see gallery

WBro David, accompanied by WBro Richard Baker and their wives made a ‘long weekend’ of the occasion travelling to Lincoln to support Larry. The Saturday ‘welcome home’ and lodge meeting was followed on the Sunday with a garden party in the magnificent grounds of his home at West Ashby Manor when his collection of vintage and veteran cars were out on display and £1,600 was raised towards the Lincolnshire Provincial Festival 2014.
A most enjoyable weekend in glorious weather supporting a worthy cause and a very generous mason.”

“ Queen's members on their travels again”

“Queen's tradition of an annual overseas visit took eleven Queen's members/friends and partners to Guernsey in mid-May this year to make a fraternal visit to Victor Carey Lodge No 6892 which meets in a recently built Masonic Centre in St Martin's - the only one on the island! This was the Mother Lodge of a former Queen's member, the late V W Bro Guy Blampied, Dep PGM of Guernsey & Alderney.

Stacks Image 6194
Unfortunately the visit had a downside - the wife of our WM, Dianne Teague, fell heavily while on our visit to Herm and broke her leg. She was well looked after by the medics on the island and returned safely to the UK for an operation and subsequent recuperation. Although still unable to drive, she is making steady progress.

All participants have commented on the marvellous companionship and friendship that they enjoyed during this visit - and keep asking, where are we going next? "

WBro Richard Baker LIO Queen’s 6988
Stacks Image 6185
The group all stayed in an excellent hotel in St Martin's and enjoyed good walking in glorious weather, trips around the island and visits to Sark and Herm. Lobster and crab were abundant and accompanied by ample liquid of varying kinds!

We enjoyed a well-conducted lodge meeting in the presence of the PGM for the Province of Guernsey & Alderney, RW Bro D P L Hodgetts, while the ladies were entertained to a short talk on the history of Freemasonry on the island. A sumptuous White Table Evening followed with the usual speeches, including ones by W Bros Mike Kinnersley and David Sargison who presented the very young WM of the lodge with a 3D glass replica of Queen's College.
Stacks Image 6196
Stacks Image 6229
Stacks Image 6231
In joining with a party from Queen’s College visiting Ypres Salient in September, WBro David Sargison, Secretary Queen’s College Taunton Lodge 6988 plants a Remembrance Cross at the Memorial of The Rev. Clifford H Reed MC, (Old Queenian) at Oosttaverne Wood Cemetery. The Rev. Reed died 7th June 1917 aged 28.

News from Lodges August 2014


Forest of Mendip Garden Party

"The first Forest of Mendip garden party was held on the afternoon 19th July by Bro. Ian Angell. There were a few moments of panic as storm clouds descended on the Somerset levels during the morning but at 2.15 the sun put in an appearance and the rest of the afternoon and evening remained dry. The afternoon started with High Tea before putting everyone into teams for the driving treasure hunt. Cars left at two minute intervals and given one hour to get as many of the answers as possible. It has to be said that everyone got a little competitive and as one hour become two hours we were busy phoning everyone up to get them back! Eventually the winning team was decided as W. Bro Graham Payne team.
Stacks Image 11547
After the drinking came the dancing and this took the form of line dancing given by independent instructor Lee Sherrin who I believe managed to get pretty much everyone up on the floor for at least one go, with many making it through all of the songs.
Stacks Image 11553
After the exercise came the food and this rounded off a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon and evening. All profits from the ticket sales, bar and raffle are going back into the lodge to put towards a new masonic carpet. After the success of this years garden party there are already plans for next years event"
Stacks Image 11533
Next on the agenda was some cheese and wine tasting. With wines from all over the world, teams got to taste various varieties of grape and see how different cheese might compliment the flavours. They then had to decide the value of each wine, no-one managed to get them all correct but three teams tied for first place.
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Stacks Image 11549
Stacks Image 11555

News from Lodges July 2014


Keynsham Masonic Hall Golf Day

Keynsham Masonic Hall held its eighth annual golf day at Farrington Park Golf Club on the 28th July 2014. The weather was superb and the course in excellent condition for the record number of 15 competing teams. In the morning a Texas Scramble Competition over the Farrington front nine holes was won by the Priory Lodge team of Tony Guthrie, Dirk Pinnell, Clive Rogers and Ray Guthrie with a net score of 27.3! In second place a team from Farrington Park, Rob Thain, Steve Symonds, Leo Seddon and Ray Parker with 29.7 closely followed by the team from Abbey Lodge comprising, Richard Fear, Andy Bayley, Malcolm Brown and Steve Bridle on 29.8.
Stacks Image 11376

Harvey Piper proudly displays the KMH Shield with his Cornucopia team mates.

The sixty participants all had a thoroughly enjoyable day in good company, sartorial elegance or otherwise was evinced by Bill Roberts, captain of the Whitchurch team who appeared to be dressed for a jungle expedition! That earned him the nickname of “Bill Grylls” for the day. Andy Haslam won the best dressed golfer award for wearing his DJ at the meal and presentation after the golf!

Thanks to the organiser of the day Tony Guthrie for his hard work and patience. The day is a great opportunity for Freemasons to invite their non Masonic friends along to share the fun.

Dates at Farrington for next year have yet to be booked but will hopefully be the same day (last Monday in July) as this year and the website will be updated once the date is confirmed.
Stacks Image 11374

The Priory Lodge team, winners of the Texas scramble.

The afternoon bowmaker competition over the 18 holes for the KMH Shield was won by one of the two teams entered by Cornucopia Lodge, Harvey Piper, Eddie Morgan, Brian Steadman, and Simon Broad with 95points. Runners up for the second time in the day were Abbey Lodge with 94 points and in third place the team from Minehead of Dean Bradwell, Dave Kingsbury and Andy Haslam with a wild card contribution from Eddie Morgan giving them 93 points. The longest drive competition was won by Dirk Pinnell with a massive drive that left him only 130 yards to the green on the 420 yard long par four 18th. Clive Rogers got nearest the pin on the fifth hole but couldn’t repeat the hole in one that he scored in last years competition!
Stacks Image 11382

Event Organiser Tony Guthrie presents a prize to Andy Bayley who had the best individual score on the day, 40 points.


A memorable visit to Devonshire.

Two members of Lodge of Honour No 379 ventured to the south coast on the evening of Wednesday, 11th June for an 'Extra Special' meeting of Lodge of Harmony No 372 which meets in Budleigh Salterton, Devonshire. One of Lodge of Honours longest serving members W Bro. Robert F Sanders lives there and is also a member of 372.
The meeting was 'Special' because Bob was to receive a Certificate to mark 50 years of Freemasonry.
What made it 'Extra Special' was that Bob will be 102 years old next month!! Which makes W Bro. Bob the oldest Somerset Freemason and who knows maybe in Devonshire too.
The presentation was made by W Bro. Derek Webber PSGD, Past Assistant Grand Master for Devonshire, in a 'spellbinding' retrospect of Bobs life and Masonic activities. His 20 minute presentation included comprehensive detail of Bob's One Hundred and Two years with dates, places, activities and events..... and all without notes!! He even named Bob's 5 children, 9 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren all from memory!!
Bob, as expected gave an equally eloquent 10 minute response full of wise words and astute observation!
In the words of the Senior Warden ..."Putting many half his age to shame!.."
Bob sat down to rapturous standing applause showing he is as clearly venerated in Lodge of Harmony as he is in Lodge of Honour.
Everyone present had a wonderful evening not least our much loved and sprightly Centenarian!

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News from Lodges June 2014


A very succesful Somerset Masters Summer Outing!!

Stacks Image 26796
Without doubt the weather could not have been better for the Somerset Masters' Lodge Outing on 12th June. 51 Brethren and their Ladies assembled at Cothay Manor (Opposite Right) near Wellington. Presently owned by the Robb family, this delightful 15th century house has been lovingly restored and furnished. All were warmlywelcomed by the family and spent around 90 minutes exploring many of the rooms and viewing an eclectic mix of antique furniture, fabrics and collectables.
On completion of the Tour the next port of call was the Martlet Inn at Langford Budville for a rest, a well earned buffet lunch and a chance to rehydrate.
The afternoon excursion to North Gundenham Farm was at the invitation of W Bro John Cottrell, who gave the group an interesting and informative tour and talk on how milk and cream in their various forms are processed and despatched to the retail market. John's son now runs the farm where nearly 300 contented cows (see below!) each produce around 30 litres of milk a day. The milk having been pasteurised is then skimmed, packaged and despatched. The presence of some endearing new born calves illustrated the never-ending cycle of breeding and animal husbandry that assures a constant supply of good quality dairy produce.
Stacks Image 26799

The Tour complete, all the weary travellers then adjourned to John's home to be greeted by Heather Cottrell who had laid on a delightful and welcome strawberry tea, served on the lawn with excellent views of the Quantock and Black Down Hills. In conclusion, the Worshipful Master and Organiser, RW Bro Stuart Hadler, thanked the hosts and to grateful applause wished everyone a safe journey home

News from Lodges May 2014


Another First For The Lodge of Honour And The Province of Somerset?

After an extra meeting of the Lodge of Honour No.379 in the Bath Masonic Hall on Wednesday, May 7th a certain brother completed his journey to Master Mason.
Brother Phil Upton was raised to the Third Degree in fine style by the Worshipful Master W. Bro. Geoff Ifill and his Officers.
This was the second extra meeting this year for Lodge of Honour.
In April Brother Mike Williams completed the same journey to Master Mason and both candidates were in awe of the experience.
The “First” for The Lodge of Honour and the Province of Somerset however, was that Brother Phil’s journey in Bath Freemasonry “Started with a Tweet” !
His introduction to the lodge came from contact through the Lodge of Honour’s Twitter feed @ lodgeofhonour
Stacks Image 26751
Bro Phil Upton and Worshipful Master Geoff Ifill
Stacks Image 26756
Geoff Ifill Master of Lodge of Honour with Bro Mike Williams
The other “First” is that we believe he is the First Master Mason in the Province of Somerset to come solely through social media. He was also the First Initiate too !
And we say ….“Long may it continue !”
Both Brother Phil and Brother Mike were superb candidates and Lodge of Honour, Bath Freemasonry and the Province of Somerset can be proud of their two excellent new Master Masons.
This was the last meeting of 379 for the current Masonic season and what season it has been!
Since November The Lodge of Honour has welcomed in 4 Initiates and 4 Joining Members….phew !... Not a bad season's work !! Ray Harris

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Connaught Lodge presents £500 to Dorothy House

W Bro Kevin Moynihan IPM of Connaught Lodge 3573 made a presentation of £500 to Dorothy House Hospice. The donation was raised at Connaught Lodge Ladies in March 2013 when W Bro Kevin was Master of the Lodge. He made the presentation to Yvonne Brunton, Community Fundraiser for Dorothy House and was accompanied by W Bro Jim Arthur and W Bro Neil Arthur.

Dorothy House

Stacks Image 21191

St Alphege Lodge 4095 Honours Board Restoration

During the recent Lift Installation at the Bath Masonic Temple, St Alphege Lodge took the opportunity to remove their Honours Board and have it professionally restored.
The exercise was project managed by W Bro. David Hogg and all the costs were very generously met by his Father in Law, W Bro. Eric Davis.

The picture gallery tells the story.

The experts involved were:

Geoff Collard - Furniture Maker and Restorer.

Carole Kent _ Traditional Signwriter.

Click on Photo to see the gallery


Lodge of Agriculture present four wheelchairs to Beaufort House

Beaufort House residents are celebrating after being presented with four new wheelchairs, courtesy of the Lodge of Agriculture 1199.
The lodge, which meets in the Yatton Masonic Hall, annually holds a ‘Farmer’s Night’ to raise money for deserving charities in Somerset. It was agreed that half of the proceeds should be donated to buy these new wheelchairs.
The chairs were presented to Home Manager Susan Luck in late April by David Megilley, David Powell and David Hutchings, all Past Masters of the lodge. She said “Our guests from The Lodge of Agriculture enjoyed tea and cakes with the residents and staff. We are very grateful for this wonderful gift and we will make very good use of our new wheelchairs."

Click on the photo to see the gallery


Bath Masonic Hall - An "uplifting" story!

In common with plenty of Freemasons at the Bath Masonic Hall, regulars and visitors alike, the lengthy climb up the stairs to the dining room can be quite a struggle. Over the past few years, Les Strange of Elizabethan Lodge No.7296, has been quietly raising money in the hope that a lift might eventually be installed. Through a series of private parties and Lodge raffles, Les has raised the magnificent sum of £1200 and this, combined with a recent generous donation from the Trustees of Royston House in Bath has taken the fund past the halfway mark.
The final product was well worth the wait and has provided a much needed facility for our members and visitors: additionally making the building more commercially viable and attractive to potential hirers.
A retired engineer commented recently that he thought it was one of the best he had seen, both in construction and the way it had been integrated into the building.
The total cost was £65,000 - the lift itself £27,500 and the rest spent on planning and building work to fit it into a listed building.
The Professionals involved were: Project Manager - W Bro Richard Ferris, Building Contractors - Emerys and Lift Manufacturers - Axess-4-All a UK Subsidiary of Cibes, the largest European Manufacturer of this type of lift (Swedish Company)

Click on the photo to see how the project progressed


A little bit of Somerset in Spain!

Somerset Freemasons have been extending the hand of friendship to our brethren in Spain. W. Bro Ben White of Winscombe Lodge reports…..

"On Saturday 12th April, I attended the Provincial Grand Lodge of Murcia, Grand Lodge of Spain, for their Annual Assembly, at which my brother Tony was to be appointed Assistant Provincial Grand Master. I was pleasantly surprised to see Somerset well represented, as the photograph shows.

The day turned out to be a long one, as we had to be there for 10.00am for the Consecration of a new Lodge. The Grand Master of Spain, MW Bro Oscar de Alfonso Ortega, insisted not only on carrying out the Consecration himself, but also on visiting the Annual Meeting. On being asked whether it might all take too long on the same day, the Grand Master replied that the Consecration would take only 45 minutes. Not surprisingly, this met with a little scepticism. However, if the Grand Master says that is what will happen, then that is what will happen.

The Consecration would have been familiar to all English Freemasons – except that it was conducted in both Spanish and English. Come the end, it had all run like clockwork and nothing had been left out. However, with one eye on the clock, the Grand Master declared that, as Grand Master “I give myself Dispensation to do whatever I like. I hereby close the Lodge”, happily declaring that although he didn’t make his target of 45 minutes, all was done and dusted in 52 minutes! (DCs please note).

After 30 minutes break for refreshment, Provincial Grand Lodge was opened and the day went on as planned, finally finishing around 5.00pm. What a great day out!" - Ben White

Pictured are (L to R) W. Bro. Ben White (Winscombe Lodge 6474), W.Bro. David Searle (ex Connaught Lodge 3573) W. Bro Tony White (ex Winscombe Lodge 6474), M.W. Bro Oscar de Alfonso Ortega (Grand Master of Spain) R.W. Bro. Robert Mitchell ( P.G.M. Murcia ) R.W. Bro. Barrie Mansell ( P.G.M. Valencia, ex Kenneth Kinnersly Lodge 9218), W.Bro. Paul Vaillant (ex Parrett and Axe Lodge 814 ). Not in the Photo but also attending, was W.Bro. George Noden ( ex Connaught Lodge 3573 ).


Admiral Blake Lodge donate £3000 to the Josh Evans Trust Fund

The Worshipful Master of the Admiral Blake Lodge, Bridgwater, Richard Winter, recently presented a cheque for £2,000 to the Josh Evans Trust Fund. Fred Body, representing the Province, also presented a cheque for £1,000, making a total of £3,000 raised and donated by Freemasons.

This locally based trust was set up by the parents and friends of Josh Evans, aged 21 years, who was diabetic and lost his life in a tragic road accident at Hatch Beauchamp, whilst at the wheel of a car. This accident was due to a sudden loss of glucose in the blood . The JETF raise money to support the NHS infrastructure by proving additional support, literature and knowledge for diabetic children and their families in the local region.

Representing the Trust are Tracy Evans, Avril Frost and Joan Upfield. Also present from left to right are Fred Body, Steve Williams, Stewart Morgan, Dave Smith and Richard Winter.

10th May 2014 - Old Theatre Royal (Bath Masonic Hall) confirmed as Concert Venue for the Bath Festival

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Bath Masonic Hall (formerly the Old Theatre Royal) has now been confirmed as a Bath Festival Venue for the very first time. The Hall will host 4 late night Concerts from the 22nd - 25th May and will also host 8 different events for the Bath Fringe Festival ranging from Plays to Solo Artist Gigs for the second time.

To find out more about the programme of events and pricing click on the links below;

Bath Festival Programme (Old Theatre Royal)
Bath Festival Fringe (Old Theatre Royal)

The Hall also has it's own Facebook page which you can visit here; BMH Facebook

News from Lodges March 2014


16th March 2014 - Members of Taunton Deane help clear up the mess!

Stacks Image 1891
During the recent floods on the Levels Steve Parsons (sitting on the tractor) the Immediate Past Master of Taunton Dean Lodge had his house flooded to a depth of over three feet.
The floods having subsided and a working party of thirteen members of Taunton Dean Lodge went to clear the garden of fallen trees and debris. The sun shone and it did not take long to clear the garden. The brethren were rewarded by burgers and sausages barbecued by head chef W. Bro. Kevin Perry.
W. Bro. Steve and his wife Alison have had static caravans delivered so that they can live on site with their daughter, son in law and grandchildren whilst the house is dried out and refurbished a process that will take many months.
The Provincial Grand Master has asked W. Bro. Steve to give monthly reports on the progress being made.
Don Heyes Lodge Secretary

15th March 2014 - Queens members donate over £1000 to flood recovery appeal

Stacks Image 1747
At a packed installation meeting Queens College Taunton Lodge No 6988 presented a cheque for £1065 to the Provincial Charity Steward, W.Bro David Maddern following the magnificent response of the brethren to the Provincial Grand Master's Flood Recovery Appeal launched on 17th February.
WBro. Jim Wiltshire, Lodge Charity Steward is seen presenting the cheque to WBro. David Maddern, Provincial Charity Steward under the approving eye of the newly installed Worshipful Master, WBro. Richard Teague. One of the guests, Bro. Arthur Vize, Junior Warden Wellington School Lodge 7230, whose home is in the inundated village of Moorland looks on.
Richard Baker Lodge Information Officer.

4th March 2014 - Elizabethan Lodge sponsor England Tae Kwan Do cadet

W.Bro. Pat Morrisey, R.W.Bro. Stuart Hadler, W.Bro. Ray Beckingham, W.Bro. Paul Cooper
Worshipful Master Paul Mallon held a raffle at the March meeting of Elizabethan Lodge No 7296 to help raise sponsorship for 15 year old Black belt 1st dan Ollie Cottrell, a student of Bath Tae Kwan Do club who has just been selected to represent England at the ITF European Championships in Italy.

He has to find £1500 in order to fund the trip as he has to take his proud mum Liliana (pictured) also a black belt of the Bath Club as a chaperone due to his age.

Ollie is a remarkable young man who defies all of the stereotyping usually associated with teenagers nowadays, he is a keen student who when not training himself, gives his time to train others and help younger juniors at Bath Sports and leisure centre on Sunday evenings and King Edwards School on Wednesdays.

He shows great maturity for someone so young which should stand him in good stead when he competes in the Cadet class of the European Championship towards the end of April, as he will have 2 years less experience than most of the other competitors who will be closer to the upper age limit of 17 before moving into the adult category.

Bath Tae Kwan Do club's Master Mark Ogbourne, 3 times World Sparring Champion (Pictured behind W Bro Mallon) said how proud the whole club were to see Ollie selected for the England squad, and was sure he would give a very good account of himself whilst representing his club and country, and was grateful for the £211 help Bath Freemasons have given in getting his fundraising off to such a good start.

If anybody would like to help towards his sponsorship it would be very gratefully received and faithfully applied. please...

Click Below to Donate and Help Ollie Realise His Dream...

25th February 2014 - W.Bro Mike Waddleton, 50 years a Mason!

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W.Bro Mike Waddleton celebrated his 50 active years in Freemasonry at the February meeting of the Admiral Blake Lodge No 4692.

Having been introduced to Masonry by his Father, Mike was initiated on 25th February 1964. Following the usual progression he took the Chair for the first time in 1973 after which he became DC and Charity Steward for a number of years until he took the Chair for the second time in 1991. His hard work and dedication were rewarded in 1979 with the Provincial rank of Junior Grand Deacon followed by promotion to Past Junior Grand Warden in 1989. The Grand rank of PAGDC was attained in 1992 followed by Past Junior Grand Deacon in 2002.

W.Bro Mike has been a member of many of the other degrees in Masonry and
In particular Rose Croix. He is a member of the Sedgemoor Chapter as well as Rose Millennium Chapter and is a founder member of St George at Wiviliscombe. He justly attained the 32 degree in 2012.

Mike was presented with his 50 years Certificate by V.W.Bro Ray Guthrie Two Past PGMs were present Stanley Hopkins and David Jenkins and a Past Deputy PGM, Vernon Harding who had all followed Mikes progression in Masonry. Also present were Ray Johnstone-Smith and Reg Ferm the current and immediate past Inspector General’s of the Rose Croix Degree and numerous other eminent Masons.

Many toasts and much wine was taken by all concerned at any and all opportunities at the festive Board where an inscribed tray, decanter and glasses were presented to Mike from the Lodge together with an appropriate birthday cake (but no candles. too many for the fire regulations!) which Mike was persuaded to share and was much enjoyed by all present. He tells me that he still cannot remember if the decanter came filled or empty.

It was a super night for Mike, the Lodge and all present, which will be remembered for a long time.

Dave Smith Lodge Information Officer. Photo by Geoff Searle

24th February 2014 - Provincial Grand Master Installed as Master of Somerset Masters Lodge No.3746

W.Bro. Pat Morrisey, R.W.Bro. Stuart Hadler, W.Bro. Ray Beckingham, W.Bro. Paul Cooper

Keynsham Masonic Hall host the Installation meeting of Somerset Masters Lodge No.3746

An assembly of more than 110 Masons witnessed the Installation of R.W.Bro. C A Stuart Hadler as Master of Somerset Masters Lodge.

Keynsham Masonic Hall had been selected to hold the meeting, not only because it was Master Elect's Mother Temple, but due to its ability to accommodate a large crowd, and the Lodge room was packed to capacity. The brethren were there to witness the Installation of our PGM, R.W. Bro. Stuart Hadler, as the 100th Worshipful Master. Stuart was presented by the Past PGM, David Jenkins while the outgoing Master, Ray Beckingham, installed his successor with great aplomb and as you would expect, Stuart took to the chair like a duck to water.

It is customary for the incoming WM to present a paper and Stuart continued this tradition with a presentation entitled "Are You a Freemason." The gist of this was to invite the listener to consider how he would answer that question. It encouraged him to be as open as possible about his membership and to take particular account of the continuing decline in membership and the imperative to do all we can to give an accurate representation of Freemasonry to all enquirers.

It was thought provoking and informative and Stuart provided a list of recommendations on how we might couch our answers if faced with the same question. The full script of Stuart’s presentation

Stacks Image 5337

Following his presentation, the Worshipful Master called upon Assistant PGM, John Winston to make a presentation of a different kind; that of a certificate to mark fifty years as a Freemason to W Bro Peter Whittingham of Queen’s College, Taunton Lodge. It was interesting to hear that Peter was initiated in Cardiff because in those days the lodge chose to meet wherever the international rugby matches were being held.

Also in attendance for this historic meeting were:-
W Bro John Palmer, Secretary, Berkshire Masters’ Lodge No 3684
W Bro Michael Woolf, SW, Gloucestershire Installed Masters’ Lodge No 7900
W Bro John Mayo, PM, Gloucestershire Installed Masters’ Lodge No 7900
W Bro Michael Hall, WM, Derbyshire Lodge of Installed Masters No 8509

Following the meeting 100 brethren enjoyed an excellent luncheon before departing.

14th February 2014 - Tyler of Olympian Lodge receives his 50 year certificate

Stacks Image 2535
It as a great evening at Olympian Installation on 14th February. The Deputy PGM V.W.Bro. Ray Guthrie, accompanied the Assistant PGM David Mason and Derek Gunningham - Assistant PGM for Gloucestershire and a good number of Grand and Provincial Grand officers were present to see the outgoing Master Sam Stride install his successor W.Bro Derek Wilton in fine style. Sam has had a fantastic year in the chair, representing Olympian by visiting widely in the Province. During his Mastership over £3000 was raised by the lodge for disabled sports charities.
No doubt W.Bro Derek, a Grand Officer and one of the most experienced Masons in the Province will also have a good year.
Another highlight of the meeting was the presentation by the Deputy PGM of a certificate to W.Bro Bill Rowan celebrating 50th anniversary of his initiation. Bill has been Tyler of the Lodge since joining some thirteen years ago! He was initiated into Lodge Tollcross No 1194 Scottish Constitution on 27th February 1964. and is a life member of that Lodge. Bill will be accompanied by a group of Somerset Masons on a trip North of the Border next month when he will receive a similar certificate and no doubt the odd bottle of amber nectar!

The meeting was followed by the usual excellent festive board at Nailsea, with much good humour, it was enjoyed by all.
In the photo shows W.Bro Bill Rowan receiving his certificate from the Deputy PGM, flanked by Derek Wilton and Sam Stride.
Stacks Image 1509
Additional to the above: (from W Bro Neil Hurcum, Hallam Lodge)

Congratulations Bill 50 years a Mason !!

Our WM Ian, and Master Elect David, along with several notable visitors to Hallam Lodge, W Bros Sandy Kemlo, Brian Rees and Larry Buck all made the trek North, (or West in the case of our WM) to see W.Bro Bill Rowan receive his 50th Certificate in Craft at Lodge Tollcross No 1194 in Glasgow. Bill is pictured with his certificate which had been presented to him by the Deputy Grand Master of Glasgow , Anthony Warnock.

Our WM is quoted as saying:- "The hospitality was amazing, we had Scotch Broth followed by square sausage in rolls, then coffee, scones & biscuits. Dave Bussell was quite impressed, so watch out for some unusual dining requests for his year in the Chair of Hallam! We were not allowed to pay for the food or drink. The Whisky, Brandy, Beer, Lager (& in my case bottled water) flowed all night!"

Well done Bill !!

13th February 2014 - Thomas de Cheddre Lodge at Wedmore supports Jessie May Trust.

Stacks Image 996
The story of Jessica May who died at the tender age of four and a half months touched the heart of W. Bro. Frank Kendall, last year’s Worshipful Master of the Sir Thomas de Cheddre Lodge No9188 as it has so many others since the establishment of the Trust in 1996. Jessie May is a Bristol-based charity providing nursing care at home for children and young people with life limiting conditions who are not expected to live beyond the age of 19.
Members of Sir Thomas de Cheddre Lodge encourage their Master in his year to raise through their social events charitable sums for both Masonic and Non-Masonic Charities. 2013 was no exception when a number of donations were proposed including £1,000 to Jessie May, presentation of which was made in the Masonic Hall at Wedmore last week.
The presentation was attended by a number of 9188’s members and their partners and representatives of Jessie May. Seen in the picture below are (left to right) Mrs Sue Adams, W. Bro. Geoff Adams, Emily Lynch (Jessie May), W. Bro. Frank Kendall and Mrs Pat Moon.

More information about the work of The Jessie May Trust.

10th February 2014 - Lodge of Honour 379 Takes Another Trip Down ‘Quality Tweet’ !

Stacks Image 2493

In the photo Bro Mike, Geoff Ifill - Master 379 and Bro Matt
Thanks to Lodge DC Ray Harris for the article.

Well… It looks like Lodge of Honour has done it again..!!

Their February 10th meeting in Bath was another double Initiation… that’s 2 double Initiations in 3 meetings !
A significant number of visitors had made their way to the Bath Masonic Hall to see 2 more Good Men introduced to Freemasonry.
They were swift to congratulate the Worshipful Master, W. Bro. Geoff Ifill, and his Officers for the excellent Ceremony and the new Entered Apprentices on taking their First Regular Step in Freemasonry.
Bro. Mike and Bro. Matt conducted themselves in an exemplary fashion and they clearly enjoyed the experience.
Yet again the Lodge Social Media activity came into its own, as Brother Matt’s initial contact with the Lodge of Honour was through the Lodge Twitter account, it’s clearly becoming a bit of a habit !
The assembled company then enjoyed another excellent banquet prepared by the resident chef, Ben Hayward.
They were also further delighted by a rendition of the Entered Apprentice Song by W. Bro. Roger Penny, whose dulcet tones entertained all present.
The evening ended on a most convivial note and everyone left after the fine wining and dining had been…”thankfully received and faithfully applied !”

7th February 2014 - Nyanza Lodge make a presentation to "Horseshoes and Handprints"

“The Nyanza Lodge in Ilminster presented a £1,400 ’cheque’ to the Horseshoes and Handprints charity.
This charity provides important sensory therapy and special riding for adults and children who have behaviour and communication difficulties

“Close contact with horses has been shown to release stress within people with conditions such as Asperger’s autism and neurological disorders. This is both beneficial to the individual, their families and carers.

“The members of the Nyanza Lodge raised £700 from a charity lunch which attracted matched funding from the Charities Committee of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Somerset.
Hall Smith, the Master of Nyanza Lodge has ’Horseshoes and Handprints’ as his chosen charity for his year of office.

The picture shows the Worshipful Master presenting the cheque - with the help of the magnificent Josh - to the charity’s Trustee Treasurer Desi Fradgley. Also pictured is Barry Scott of the Somerset Masonic Charities Committee.

29th January 2014 - Queens College, Taunton Lodge - Magnificent donation to Childrens' Hospice South West.

It all happened at one meeting!
The Ladies & Guests had been invited for refreshments at the Taunton Masonic Hall before taking a break to shop while the lodge meeting took place. On their return there was a reception and brief organ recital by Bro Barry Renwick prior to the lunch.
The meeting was kept short by a talk with a festive message by the Provincial Grand Orator, WBro Rev. Steven Hawkins but was notable for including presentations, the first being by the Worshipful Master of the Wellington School Lodge supported by 7 other senior members, handing on ‘the baton’ of the Travelling Trowel which Queen’s will pass on to Quantock Lodge 4446, Watchet, in March.
W.Bro John Winston, Assistant Provincial Grand Master presented Queen’s Charity Steward, W.Bro. Jim Wiltshire, with its first Ashlar acknowledging the contribution the lodge has made so far towards the Somerset Provincial Festival in 2020 in aid of the Freemasons Grand Charity.
It was a special occasion for W.Bro. Mike Fielding as he had completed 50 years in Masonry at Queen’s Lodge. In a departure from tradition the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, John Winston suggested that as Mike was accompanied by his long suffering wife Audrey it would be entirely appropriate for the presentation to be in front of all so she could share his acclamation.

Click on the photo to see the gallery

The remarkable sum of £1,650 was raised for Childrens’ Hospice SW, Charlton Farm facility during the popular December morning meeting of Queen’s Lodge as the result of the alms, raffle and auction which followed the Festive Lunch. The previously agreed “Match Funding” of £500 was added by the Somerset Masonic Charities; giving a total £2,150. Each year, Charlton Farm provides help for up to 200 families and the money donated will go towards the £3 million annual running costs of the Charity.
Richard Baker Lodge Information Officer 6988
More information about Childrens Hospice South West

27th January 2014 - Somerset Farmers Lodge - Banner Rededication

Somerset Farmers Lodge No 9180 meeting in the historic Hanging Chapel in Langport. The chapel is first mentioned in 1344. It was the Guild Chapel of St Mary, to whom it is still dedicated. It has had a variety of uses. It became the Town Hall in 1570, a grammar school in the 18th century, then an arms store, a Sunday school and various private uses until it became a Masonic Lodge in 1891.
At their February meeting the Brethren of the Lodge were delighted to welcome the Provincial Grand Master, R.W.Bro Stuart Hadler accompanied by his Deputy and Assistant PGMs together with a team of Provincial Officers. They had arrived to re-dedicate the Lodge banner.
The Lodge was consecrated on 12th April 1986 at the Masonic Hall in Bruton by the then Provincial Grand Master, Kenneth Kinnersley and W.Bro Stanley Hopkins was installed as the first Master. The Lodge banner was obtained some years later and was dedicated at Bruton by the now R.W.Bro Stanley Hopkins PGM!
In 2003 the Lodge decided to move to a more central location in the Province at Langport and more recently the brethren decided to ask the current PGM if he would rededicate the Lodge banner at their new home.
So we come to the Lodge meeting on 27th January, the Lodge room is best described as compact! Processing the Provincial Team in and out was something of an art. The banner was however rededicated by the Provincial Grand Master with due solemnity, the founding Master, Stanley Hopkins acted as the Banner Bearer. W.Bro Jeremy Hellier, Provincial Grand Chaplain gave a wonderful oration on the banner and its significance, which is available for download.

Click on the image to enlarge and see the gallery.

Following the banner dedication the PGM presented the W.Bro Nick Male, the Lodge Charity Steward with the Lodge’s second Ashlar award in recognition of the donations made by the Lodge to the 2020 festival for the Freemasons Grand Charity, thanking them for their great generosity in contributing so much to this very worthy cause.

After the meeting the Brethren retired to the Langport arms where a very enjoyable Festive Board was held.

Download the Oration by Jeremy Hellier

January 2014 - Lodge of Uninamity and Sincerity - Charitable presentations

Stacks Image 2163
Age UK and The Conquest Centre.

The Worshipful Master and Members of The Lodge of Unanimity and Sincerity No. 261 recently approved donations of £500 to each of the following local charities in and around their home base of Taunton, Age UK Somerset [formerly Age Concern], The Conquest Centre, Riding for the Disabled and The Beacon Centre at Musgrove Park Hospital.

The photograph shows Alan Bartle, Chief Officer of AgeUK Somerset pictured receiving the donation from Jack Leeming who is accompanied by John Trowbridge, the Almoner of the Lodge.

Stacks Image 1563
The photograph to the left shows James Holyday, Chairman of The Conquest Centre receiving the donation from Jack Leeming, Master of the Lodge for the year 2013. The presentation of the cheque to The Beacon Centre will take place at a later date.

The lodge continue to be active in their charitable fund raising, including a further donation of £3,250 to the Taunton Masonic Hall Building Fund and are also well on their way to achieving a second Ashlar towards the 2020 Festival.
Stacks Image 1628
Scotties Little Soldiers

When the lodge held their annual Ladies Festival in November it was decided that funds raised would be donated to ‘Scotty’s Little Soldiers’, a small charity devoted to supporting the children of those members of our armed forces who lost their lives in the service of our country. It was only recently, when the funds were ready to present, that the charity asked Amanda Gaden to receive the cheque for £1000 on their behalf.
Amanda’s fiancé, Cpl Tom Gaden, a Taunton man, was killed in action on 25th February 2009 in Helmand Province, Afghanistan while serving with the 1st Battalion The Rifles, when the vehicle which he was commanding was struck by an IED. Tom and Amanda’s two children Lucy and Charlie have received support from ‘Scotty’s’ and it was particularly appropriate that the cheque should be presented by Major [Ret’d] Jack Leeming, the Master of the Lodge, and his wife Jean, as Jack had served 28 years with the 1st Bn Light Infantry which is now a part of The Rifles.

The charity provides Christmas and birthday gifts, treats, trips and activities for the families of the fallen as well as enabling them to use the charity holiday lodges, two of which have already been purchased, with another to be added very soon. The funds are, therefore, much needed. 


January 2014 - Wraxall Lodge - Robin Bex 50th Anniversary

Stacks Image 1625
V. W. Bro Ray Guthrie Deputy Provincial Grand Master was at the regular meeting of Wraxall No 9011 in Nailsea on Friday 10th January to present W. Bro Robin Bex, PPrSGW, with a certificate celebrating his 50 years in Masonry.

The Deputy Provincial Grand Master positioned himself in the Senior Deacons chair and gave the brethren a most interesting potted history of Robin’s life and work and his Masonic career, in an informal chat show format.

Due to recent illness and mobility issues, Robin was not able to receive the certificate at his Mother Lodge being Quantock Lodge 4446 meeting in Watchet. Robin was initiated into Quantock Lodge on 1st January 1964 by his father in the days before this was a Public Holiday, travelling from his home in Hampshire to attend each meeting. Robin soon spread his masonic activities across the Province.

Robin attained the chair of King Solomon in Quantock Lodge in 1977 and was an active officer there for many years. In 1981 he became a Founder of Wraxall Lodge and held the office of Director of Ceremonies with distinction for many years. He also served as D.C. in Fairway lodge.

Robin’s first Provincial Rank was Assistant Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies in 1983, 10 years later he was promoted to Past Junior Grand Warden and in 2013 promoted to Past Senior Grand Warden.

In recent years’ Robin’s passion was with Knights Templar and he was very active in this order and rose to be Very Eminent Knight Provincial Sub-Prior of Somerset.

Robin was also a member of Tyntesfield Chapter, as well as Hallam Mark Lodge, and St Andrews Mark Lodge, where he had proceeded through the various chairs and gained Provincial Honours. He was most recently a Founder of Quantock Chapter consecrated in 2013.

In a very moving response Robin thanked the DepPGM for presenting his certificate and hoped that he would be able to attend Lodge again in the future.

The presentation and response concluded with much applause for Robin from his many Masonic friends who had come to celebrate his 50th Anniversary including several good friends from London. Also in attendance were the WM and brethren of Quantock Lodge, Somerset Fairway Lodge, Companions from the Royal Arch, Brethren from Mark degrees and Royal Ark Mariners, plus a goodly number of members from Knights Templar and Knight Templar Priests.

An occasion to be fondly remembered.

W.Bro. Iain Disdel - Secretary

January 2014 - Lodge of Agriculture supports CLIC Sargent with gift of 4 new iPads

Stacks Image 990
The Lodge of Agriculture has donated four new iPad tablets to Sam’s House, CLIC Sargent's Homes from Home in Bristol.

For WM David Megilley, CLIC Sargent was a charity close to his heart after his nephew was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2006 and underwent a bone marrow transplant procedure at Bristol Royal Hospital for Children. CLIC Sargent provided his family with free accommodation at Sam’s House nearby to the centre his nephew received treatment.

David said: “My nephew's life is fairly stable, hence my desire to 'put something back'. Also one of our members lost his grandson... which makes the whole exercise so poignant. I did want to be in a position to support Sam’s House directly, hence the idea of providing equipment.”

The iPads will be a much needed distraction for teenagers at Sam’s House helping them take some much need time away from daily reality of treatment.

Stacks Image 1503
They will serve as useful for tools to help improve social confidence helping young people access social media networks that CLIC Sargent provides for them, as well as allowing them to take part in CLIC Sargent participation surveys which will help ensure that CLIC Sargent is supporting young service users in the best possible way.

CLIC Sargent Fundraising Manager Kiren Fernandes said: “It is often forgotten or overlooked that Freemasons are second only to the National Lottery in its weekly contribution to good causes. The support of local organisations like Freemason’s lodges is absolutely invaluable to CLIC Sargent. They are an integral to raising awareness and a great support to our local services.”

"On behalf of CLIC Sargent I would like to thank the Lodge for their very generous donation.”

January 2014 - Royal Somerset Lodge continues support for Dorothy House

Stacks Image 10
At the January meeting of Royal Somerset Lodge at Frome Masonic Hall the members welcomed Yvonne Brunton from the Dorothy House Hospice at Winsley near Bath. This hospice is only a few miles from Frome and many of the members of Royal Somerset have been to it when visiting a sick relative or friend.
The tremendous work of the hospice movement is much appreciated by Masons. So it was that Richard Dredge, Master of the Lodge last year decided that some of the money raised during his year in office should go to the hospice.
He is pictured presenting a cheque for £500 to Yvonne to help the work of the hospice.
l to r in photo, Ben Batley, Secretary, Yvonne Bruton representing Dorothy House, Richard Dredge IPM 973, Clive Lambert, Senior Warden and David Lyons, Director of Ceremonies & Mentor