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Provincial Information Manager - W. Bro Steve Merryweather
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How we manage and protect our information is critical to your lodge. The Provincial Information Manager is able to help lodge secretaries by providing on application the following types of data:

  • List of Lodge Members listed on Adelphi
  • Including postal address
  • email address
  • Age profile
  • List of Members Memberships (currently awaits UGLE)
  • Initiation date
  • Joining dates
  • List of Past Members
  • Postal address
  • Last known contact details

In time we hope that the new UGLE Adelphi2 system shall be accessible by lodge secretaries to update and interpret your own data, however in the interim the Province is keen to support their work through the Information Manager.

You may wish to consider where you keep detail of your lodge widows? At present this might be held by the Secretary or Almoner. The detail is not held on Adelphi2. How, where and in what format is this information retained? Especially important so as we can keep in touch through simple things such as delivery of the Compass magazine.

W.Bro Steve Merryweather shall be pleased to assist in all these ways in an effort to support your lodge and the Province.